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-Tournament will adhere to the National Federation of High school rules.

-Games will be played in 12 minute halves 6th grade and under, and 14 minute halves 7th grade and up. All games are played in regulation time. Running clock will begin once a team is up 25 points. It will remain a running clock until the team cut the score below 20 points. NO PRESS RULE WILL APPLY TO 6TH GRADE AND UNDER.

-1st and 2nd Overtime will result in a 2 minute regulation time. Team Fouls will carryover. No carryover for Timeouts. Each team will be awarded 1 full time out for this period.
3rd overtime equals Sudden death.

-Each team will be awarded 5 timeouts per contest. (3) full and (2) half. No overtime carry over.

-7 team fouls in the half will result in the Single Bonus. Double bonus is created after the 10th team foul of the half.

-Foul out for all boys Divisions will be 5. Th Foul out count for Girls Division is 6.

-Technical fouls will count against a players individual count. 2 technical or flagrant fouls will result in automatic suspension of the next 4 quarters. 3rd technical or flagrant foul will result in suspension from the event.

-Coaches are asked to perform and conduct themselves in a respectful and proper manner. Any conduct deemed detrimental to the Event will result in automatic suspension from this and future tournaments. This is at the discretion of the Tournament Director and Site Directors!

- Teams must have at least 4 players in full uniforms to start at the scheduled time for all contests. Teams will have a 5 minute grace period to avoid forfeiture. Once this time has elapsed the score of forfeit will be recorded as 15-0. If both teams are a No-show the game will result in a score of 1-0 winner home team.

-3 minute warmups and 3 minute halftime.

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